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It is still unknown name, but we have been consistently producing printed products that feature Japanese motorcycles over the last eighteen years.
Supplying products for expert motorcycle enthusiasts, requires historical factual consistency as well as a high level of details on depictions. However, in order to establish the illustrations as a reliable historical source, it is essential to gather accurate information that shows the details of original motorcycles along with a lot of time for depiction. As a result, several creations of mine ended up in vain due to lack of adequate resources.
While I was working as a professional illustrator undertaking clients' demands, I realized that it was impossible to regularly publish elaborate motorcycle works on a wide scale, due to time and monetary restrictions. That’s why I started publishing them privately. At that time I didn’t know how to turn it into a business, but I have been able to continue this project until now with the kind understanding of many discerning motorcycle enthusiasts.
Above all, I must appreciate those who have been engaged in the development of Japanese motorcycles the last half century. They created numerous types of fascinating motorcycles, and as a result, the Japanese motorcycle industry has prospered becoming the world’s leading motorcycle industry. Reproductions of some industrial products including motorcycles can exist successfully as the merchandise, because they have an inherent value that is beyond the meaning of being industrial product”.

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